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IditaRider Auction opens on Dec. 1


In preparation for the 2021 Iditarod we want to share with all our IditaRiders that our staff is currently planning a number of activities to include in the IditaRider Experience. If you can be flexible with travel plans, please know that we expect to have greater clarity in the short term. Please read our COVID-19 Policy for more information. 

Latest listings

Dan Kaduce
  Dan Kaduce   $850.00 Details
Ryne Olson
  Ryne Olson   $850.00 Details
Matt Hall
  Matt Hall   $850.00 Details
Brent Sass
  Brent Sass   $850.00 Details
Hal Hanson
  Hal Hanson   $850.00 Details
Wade Marrs
  Wade Marrs   $850.00 Details

Please review our COVID-19 Policy before biding.