COVID-19 Policy

The ITC is actively monitoring the incidence of COVID-19 in Alaska. We have been asked how COVID-19 may impact the 2021 IditaRider experience. We are following guidance from local health departments, The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding large gatherings, including recommendations on preventing the spread of COVID-19. 


If the IditaRider is unable to attend or the Iditarod is prevented from holding the event or IditaRider exp due to COVID-19. You will have three options defer, donation of all or part, full refund.


IditaRider Travel Guidance 

In preparation for the 2021 Iditarod we want to share with all our IditaRiders that our staff is currently planning a number of activities to include in the IditaRider Experience. If you can be flexible with travel plans, please know that we expect to have greater clarity in the short term. If you need to make a “go/no go” decision in the short term we suggest you consider postponing your trip for the 50th running of the Last Great Race in 2022.

Stay up to date on Iditarod Sled Dog Race fan attendance opportunities.
Please continue to check this page for updated information on spectator event availability and guidelines. We will be formulating guidance for tour groups in the coming weeks.

Please continue to check Alaska Department of Health and Social Services COVID-19 Health Guidance for Alaska Travelers