Q: How do I create an account?

A: Creating an account is easy, first you'll need a valid email address that can receive emails. Visit and enter your email address and information. You will then be sent an email that contains a link, once you receive the email click the link to complete the creation of your account. If you cannot find this email address in your inbox try searching your spam/junk folder. Note: The details you add to your account need to be as accurate as possible.

Q: My contact details have changed, How to I update my information?

A: This can be done from the My Account area and clicking the edit button next to the set of details you would like to change.


Q: Who do I reach out to if I have questions?

A: Get in touch: If you have questions, or need help with bidding or your account, please fill out the contact form at . Our staff will answer your question as soon as possible.




Q: How do I monitor the status of the auctions I want to bid on?

A: Add to Watchlist: If you have your eyes on an auction, adding the profile to your watchlist is easy! Click on the profile and click the “Add to Watchlist” button underneath the photo.

Q: What is opening bid?

A: Each auction item includes an opening bid. The opening bid amount is listed as the Current Bid. The first bidder can either bid at the opening price or at a price higher than the opening bid price. 

Q: What are the differences in bidding options?

A: Users have two options: Bid Directly or Auto Bid.


  • Bid Directly is a one-time bid that is placed in the Bid Directly box. If you bid directly and another user bids after you at a higher amount either by bidding directly or auto bidding, you have been outbid. You will receive an email notification if you are outbid.


  • Auto Bid: Place a bid on the item in the Auto Bid box. Enter the max amount you are willing to pay for the item. Your maximum bid amount is hidden from all other bidders/users. The auction system places bids on your behalf starting with the next bid increment for the auction. The bid increment is the amount by which a bid will be raised each time the current bid is outdone. It is predetermined based on the current highest bid. See the increment table below. You will receive an email notification if you are outbid. If you are outbid, you will need to set a higher one-time Bid Directly or Auto Bid to continue bidding.


  • Sniper bidding: If an auction item is bid on in the last 60 seconds before the set auction end time, the auction will extend 5 minutes. This allows individuals to enter in a bidding war past the set auction end time. Sniper bidding will continue until no new bids are made within the last 60 seconds of the auction time extension. The auction time will continue to extend 5 min if bids are continuously made in the last 60 seconds of each auction time extension. Note: Bidders interested in sniper bidding on the last day of the auction will need to stay on the auction item page and frequently refresh the page to keep up with new bids.


Q: How can I view bidding status, or see Auctions I’ve won?

A: To see information on auctions you have won, or current highest bids you hold, go to my account. 



Q: How do I pay for my item(s)?

A: Please complete your purchase by paying in the My Account tab in the top right-hand corner of the homepage, then click on Auctions I Have Won. We can also take payment over the phone if you need an alternate way to pay. Contact us at for making over the phone payment arrangements. 


Shipping/Pick up


Q: How do I recieve my item(s)?

A: Let us know your preferred way of receiving your item by contacting us through